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Technical Outdoor was born from a passion for outdoor life, adventures and exploration. We are a group of Australian friends who love outdoor adventures and pushing ourselves to the limit. To do that, we need the best quality and most reliable equipment, and that’s what we want to share through our Technical Outdoor business.

This is far more than an online store. We design and manufacture our own gear, based on our own needs and experience of hiking, camping and a range of other outdoor activities. We will also import and distribute leading brands from around the world, if they meet our own strict quality and testing criteria. Our mission is to make Technical Outdoor the leading supplier of outdoor gear in Australia, and to do that will only be offering the best gear from around the globe.

We want to make Australia and the best parts of the world accessible to all lovers of the outdoors. We understand the gear that’s needed to do that, and want to offer you the best tools for the job. All our products will be light to carry and hard-wearing, and designed to give you safety and comfort in your outdoor pursuits.

Our gear will take you to new places, to enjoy new and exciting experiences. We want to be part of your journey, and hope that you will become part of our community and share your experiences.

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